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Tom Hanks-Another CGI or Real?

Today on Today there was an interview with Tom Hanks about Cornoavirus, Family & New Film.

So what do you think? Filmed earlier and not really live? Is that 'black case' above him on the shelf his 'Corona' Typewriter?

When I found the original link on Twitter they used a photo from 2017...

At the end of the video he showed his secret book.... Green Eggs & Ham and as they were going to commercial break he was repeating I am Sam... Is there a meaning behind all the elites reading children books? Look closely as he is flashing that infamous ring that other elites are famous for wearing too

Let's not forget these images...

Think for yourself.

Update: Found this video after the first post. It's interesting how cocky he sounds. With so much money why broadcast from a room that looks like a cell?

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